About Allie

AllieHansen_AustriaParagliding_TirolAustria_13I am a 23-year-old from New Jersey without much more than a B.A. in Mass Communications, an Australian Working Holiday visa and a passionate curiosity about the world around me. I believe in learning by doing: So I blog about my experiences in hopes of inspiring others to pursue their most desired adventures.

I have traveled independently to 12 countries on 2 continents in the past year and a half. I’m not rich… I’m not crazy… I’m determined. I’m chasing opportunity while others wait for it. I’ve experienced more than many can say they’ve done in a lifetime and I’m just getting started. To see the world from another culture’s perspective is an unrivaled experience. It has redefined my views, goals, and perception of the world entirely.

This blog is an account of my experiences and the lessons they’ve taught me. If what I write inspires, reassures or simply entertains you, then I’m doing something right.

Life’s fun: Travel. Be Healthy. Be Grateful. Be Happy.